HPCS - David

Father’s Day Special – Featuring David Lang and his family

It is never easy being a father, let alone a father having to witness the demise of his own son. David Lang (top-left), father of three – all of whom are battling a rare genetic disorder called Niemann-Pick disease type C – lost his second child, Timothy in 2004.

Amidst clouds of despair, David, together with his wife, Loo Geok, soldiered on for their family. Their children, Titus and Justina, 25 and 30 respectively, require perpetual medical care. The couple, along with their two helpers, take turns doing the chores and looking after the children’s needs. AWWA Home Personal Care Service team also stood by their side and provided companionship, as well as simple maintenance exercises. Fast forward today, both Titus and Justina have regained some mobility – lifting their hands and playing with balloons! Titus recently signalled to his parents that he wanted to go to one of his favourite malls, VivoCity!

Having to juggle between his daily workload and tending to his children’s needs, the pressure on his shoulders is chronically felt. Though David feels the strain of being the sole breadwinner and a caregiver of his family, it is the simplest acts in life that brings comfort to him and his family. “Seeing my children smile or even respond gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. We start appreciating the little blessings in our lives when we focus on the positives” – David.

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