Voices of AWWA - Karthik

Father’s Day Special Feature – CEO of AWWA, Karthik

This Father’s Day, AWWA would like to introduce you to one of our own, Karthik – a full-time father of two, and full-time CEO of AWWA.

After years of education and assuming multiple career opportunities around the globe, Karthik (left) settled down in Singapore in 2007, and has been with AWWA ever since. His first kid, Anirudh was only nine months old when his family moved to Singapore! Three years later, the family was blessed with Aarushi.

When conversing with Karthik, one word came to mind, “Navigator” – steering and inculcating leadership qualities in his children through their growing up years. There was an occasion when Anirudh was complaining to Karthik that people were refusing to listen to him, even though he was the captain of his basketball team. Karthik responded calmly, “Be a role model and show them the benefits of doing things differently. Allow your actions to influence the way they perceive you, and naturally, you will gain their respect. They will work alongside you because you have demonstrated your leadership qualities”.

Of course, being CEO of a multi-service social service agency meant long hours and heavy commitments. While challenging, this journey has instilled in him one trait – being present and enjoying every moment with whoever you are with at the present, especially with his family. “It does not matter who I am with. When I am reading stories to my daughter, cycling and cooking with my son and wife, or even having a conversation with my staff, my mind is with them, and they can be sure that they have my one hundred per cent attention”, Karthik commented.

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