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Father’s Day 2022 Special – Mr Mohammed and his son, Alif, student of AWWA School @ Bedok

“Bye Alif! Have a good day at school today. Daddy loves you”, Mr Mohammed said to his son as he excitedly hopped out of the car and dashed into AWWA School @ Bedok.

Mr Mohammed shares an unbreakable bond with Alif, one that exudes patience and love. His secret – simply being present for Alif. “I know my son loves McDonald’s. He likes watching cartoons and assembling lego pieces. I make it a point to apportion time for him and enjoy each other’s presence”, said Mr Mohammed.

As Mr Mohammed used to work shifts, time is precious to him. With every available opportunity, they would cycle together, run errands together, and spend time doing Alif’s favourite activities. “I miss all these memories; that is why I left my company to spend more time with my children”, Mr Mohammed said with dedication in his voice.

“My family means the world to me, and I want to be there with and for them. I have dedicated my life to taking care of Alif; nothing can stop me from pouring my love and time on him”.

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