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Father’s Day 2022 Special – Mr Lai and his son, Leroy, student of AWWA School @ Bedok

“I was a chef. I love the sound of the roaring fire and the aroma of fried shallots. But I gave all these up to spend more time with my son, Leroy, because I am first a father”.

It took courage for Mr Lai to switch jobs to care for his son, who has additional needs. “I am currently employed in a small café, working four days a week. I was touched when my employer offered me the flexibility in scheduling my work hours the moment he knew my situation”, said Mr Lai.

Leroy is like any other kid, full of joy and excitement as he learns about his world. “His smiles and laughter envelope me, and I find solace in it. Each time the journey gets bumpy, those happy moments comfort me”, Mr Lai said.

“Leroy taught me so much about myself. Sure, it is tiring when he has his meltdowns. But, instead of giving up, I recall those fun times we had, pick myself up, and continue the race. It is an uphill task, but I am not giving up because Leroy is my son”.

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