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Father’s Day 2022 Special – Clement and his son, Nathan, student of AWWA School @ Bedok

Fathers – the anchor of a family, the hero. Often sporting a stern outlook, fathers, too, have a nurturing side. Clement, the father of AWWA School @ Bedok’s student, Nathan, personifies this trait in his interaction with him and his family.

According to Nathan’s mum, the father-son duo is inseparable. “Nathan would run to daddy when he is sad. He would snuggle up to him for comfort, and daddy would comfort him with a reassuring voice”, she said.

When Nathan is in school, he would often tap on his dad’s photo on his communication application as he desires to be with daddy. It is not long before Nathan sees a glimpse of daddy waiting patiently at the school’s entrance to pick him up.

Playing, laughing, forging memories together – these are Clement’s priorities. “It warms our hearts when we see Nathan smile ecstatically when he goes outings with us”, said Nathan’s mum. While the journey ahead is long, love can overcome mountains.

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