Estoque Margarette Claire Manadao Post

Estoque Margarette Claire Manadao – Home Care Associate at AWWA Home Personal Care Service

“Hi, my name is Claire. I am a Home Care Associate (HCA) from AWWA Home Personal Care Service. What is the role of an HCA, you may ask? As the name of the service suggests, we visit the homes of our clients to conduct simple maintenance exercises, mind stimulation activities, and assisting them with their personal hygiene and activities of daily living. Most of our clients are seniors and people with disabilities.

The aspect of my job that I enjoy the most is when I see my clients smile or hear them say “thank you” during or after our session. It is when we receive such appreciation, do we fully comprehend the difference we make in the lives of others – even with the smallest help we give.

My sources of motivation are my grandmothers. They were the ones who raised me, fed me, and ensured that I remained healthy growing up. I feel that I am paying tribute to them whenever I help my clients in the same manner. It brings back nostalgic memories of them.

I love my job because it gives me a sense of fulfilment. Fulfilment from knowing that I get to help and improve the lives of others.”

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