AWWA Senior Community Home: Home is where the Community is

[Watch Video of Mdm Cheong] – her story of how AWWA Senior Community Home has helped her in overcoming life challenges and re-integrating into the community.

Our seniors at the AWWA Senior Community Home are treated like family. Taking on a collaborative approach with them, we empower them to be independent and to take charge of their own lives regardless of their health status or physical disability. Together with our staff, our seniors form a community, lean on each other for support and encouragement which injects warmth and instils the sense of “home away from home”.

Many of them began their journey at the Home as lonely strangers but over time, we have witnessed many of them building long-lasting friendships. They even go for social activities like karaoke, dancing classes and outings. In challenging times like deteriorating health or sickness, they care for each other selflessly.

Some of our seniors have even found their second chance at love – four couples met and married at the Home, one of whom, is Mdm Cheong (Click here to hear her story).

At the AWWA Senior Community Home, we have a team of dedicated nurses who provide our seniors with round-the-clock care, social workers and other care staff. Volunteers from from neighbourhoods, schools, corporate organisations and well-meaning individuals also come together to support and help us re-integrate our seniors into the community.

For more information on AWWA Senior Community Home, click here.

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