Voices of AWWA - Steward

A Parent’s Love Knows No Bounds

A parent’s love knows no bounds. This is evident in the actions of Steward towards his daughter, Yvette. Let’s hear from Steward as he relates his courageous journey, raising his daughter with Down syndrome.

“Before Yvette was born, there was no indication that she had Down syndrome. “It came as a shock to me when I learnt of it. The first few weeks were physically and emotionally challenging as Yvette had to undergo several procedures to correct some physical abnormalities. After she was discharged, I realised that there wasn’t much developmental progress – this made me worried. At the age of two, we enrolled her in an early intervention programme and this was when she improved tremendously. She went from being barely able to turn and crawl to being able to walk! Nowadays, you can’t get her to sit still and be quiet because she is jam-packed with energy!

The parental stress of having to be there for my daughter 24/7 took a toll on my mental health. The demand of having to juggle multiple jobs was equally gruelling. I felt depressed and lost for a good number of months as I did not know who I could turn to for help. However, my overarching desire to ensure Yvette receives the care she needs is what drove me to overcome all adversities.

I cherish every moment I spend with my daughter. I take pleasure in just the everyday moments. The ordinary meals we are able to share. The pranks we play on each other. The mornings or evenings where we can all lie on the couch and watch a movie, or have tickle-fights and bear hugs – I treasure them all. Parents on the same journey, help is everywhere. I know it feels like no one will ever understand what you’re going through, but reach out anyway. You’ll be surprised to find guardian angels surrounding you!”

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