Mr Wong and Mdm Ho

A Pair of Lovebirds Spotted at AWWA Senior Activity Centre

Mdm Ho Sau Lian, 89, spent her younger years working at a kitchen as a part-time staff where she first met Mr Wong Wing Cheong, 94, who was working as a chef. Their encounter at work blossomed into love and the couple have been happily married for the past 70 years.

This pair of elderly lovebirds are residents of rental units served by AWWA Senior Activity Centre (SAC) and have been active members for the past 18 years. The couple heads down to the centre daily to read newspapers, enjoy simple snacks, socialise with other seniors, and participate in programmes and activities. Mr Wong is very attentive towards Mdm Ho and always helps her during activity sessions with volunteers. As a loving husband, Mr Wong always ensures that Mdm Ho is comfortably seated during lunch time.

In celebration of their 70th wedding anniversary, the lovely couple bought 60 mini cakes for our clients and staff at AWWA SAC. They also made a $100 cash donation to AWWA SAC to thank the staff for their meticulous care the past years! Here’s wishing the adorable couple many years of good health and happiness!

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