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AWWA Special Student Care Centre provides respite with peace of mind to caregivers or family members caring for children with special needs so that they can be more financial viable, continue to pursue their career or spend time with their children. This is also the place where students with special needs socialise and get enrichment with other peers from various different special schools.

The enrichment activities are carefully planned to prevent duplication of learning activities at their respective special schools. Instead, they complement and build up independence as well as to provide opportunities for discovering new areas.

Hygiene and Nutrition
Students are taught adaptive daily living skills such as bathing when they are at the centre. We have an in-house cook who plans and cooks nutritious meals for students, taking into consideration the students’ needs or conditions.

Learning Excursions
Subject to sponsorship and volunteers’ support, students will embark on a learning excursions to places such as the Science Centre, Garden By The Bay, or grocery shopping in supermarkets during school holidays. The excursions provide students with exposure to places where they might otherwise not go, due to logistic concerns. Through these activities, we empower the students to interact with volunteers and practise appropriate social behaviors.

AWWA Special Student Care Centre is the only one island-wide that is open to all students regardless of their special schools. It provides a setting where students learn to adapt, cope and embrace diversity.

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On School Holidays:
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We advocate, educate & support caregiver families.

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