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AWWA’s family service centre works on the family unit and bigger community family approach. While we could comfortably serve only the surface issue brought by clients, we choose to work deeper and also reach out to each family member. Our fulfilment comes from seeing families learning to be responsible as people, grow more resilient as families, and helping other families.

As Singapore progresses, it is important that we ensure that no family is left behind. Healthy families provide a foundation to nurture the individuals and families of our next generations to grow the nation and economy.

AWWA Family Service Centre believes in community-based preventive, development and educational work, while at the same time helping families to deal with immediate challenges. We assist the needy, and connect people and the community, to empower support and resilience among each other.

A family unit consists of a parent or parents and children of any age and can extend to grandparents and grandchildren. Healthy families nurture strong people and future role models, thus contributing back to families and society as well as bringing up future generations. At AWWA, we see ourselves as a catalyst to support families in bonding and growing resilient. This means identifying and addressing the needs of the various persons in a family for preventive, development and crisis management purpose.

Casework and Counselling

A dedicated team of social work practitioners work together to provide necessary intervention on issues including caregiver support, financial issues, marriage, parenting, single parenting, home violence, etc.


Social & Enrichment Programmes

Our wide range of social programmes includereading for children and camps through which we teach values and build character/ responsibility; courses to prepare young adults for employment and explore entrepreneurship using their talents; topical series to help families to better communicate, bond and manage practical matters like finances, employment, etc.


Community Strengthening Activities

We organise activities to connect families as a bigger community. While activities like zoo trip, carnival are just a platform to gather families, such activities often provide inspiration and help one realise that they are not alone.


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Mondays, Wednesdays to Fridays: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Tuesdays: 8.30am – 9pm


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