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Over the years, AWWA, along with other community agencies, has served seniors and people with special needs and multiple disabilities, as well as disadvantaged families and individuals. Focused on supporting these client groups, caregivers’ needs and wellbeing were often overlooked. Identifying this as an area of need, AWWA launched its caregiver service in 2006 to provide much needed psycho-social and emotional support for caregivers and to advocate for caregiver-centered services.

“Caregiver – who, me?” is a common response from many people looking after a loved one who requires care and support due to age, disability, illness or special needs. Often, a family caregiver may feel obliged to support their loved one and may neglect their own well-being and self-care in the process.

Since its inception, AWWA Caregiver Service has reached out to more than 35,000 people in Singapore through public education programmes, outreach initiatives, caregiving awareness talks, life skills training workshops, and psycho-social support programmes across the island.

AWWA strives to empower caregivers and caregiving families of persons with disability, seniors as well as the chronically and terminally-ill, through the provision of information, training and support programmes.

We also work with caregivers to advocate for more caregiver-friendly policies, support and services for caregivers and their loved ones. We serve caregivers through:

  • Information & Referral: Our centre-based service provides up-to-date information on available caregiving schemes, resources and support services through our Caregiver Service’s info-line (6511 5318) and our caregiver service centre at Blk 6 Boon Keng Road, #01-52.
  • Caregiving Life Skills Training Series: This is a psycho-social training programme that helps family caregivers practice self-care by equipping them with essential skills and effective strategies to deal pro-actively with caregiving challenges.
  • Model Caregiver Awards: Launched in 2007, the awards recognise individual caregivers, caregiving families and domestic helpers who have demonstrated exemplary resourcefulness, resilience and impact in caring for their loved ones. Their inspiring stories help to motivate fellow caregivers with the message that caregiving is an integral part of our life’s journey, and that they are not alone.
  • Caregivers Connect: This is a community network for caregivers, by caregivers, in which members engage, interact and share with one another, form mutual-help groups and meet during bi-monthly events.
  • Advocacy & Research: To advocate for more caregiving-friendly policies, support and services for caregivers and their loved ones, we work extensively with partners that share and support its objectives. They consist of government agencies, voluntary welfare organisations, community centres, schools, public libraries, corporate organisations and family caregivers.

In August 2014, we inaugurated a networking forum titled ‘Caregiving Matters’ where academics and professionals from social and health sectors met and discussed service gaps and support for caregivers of the elderly.

Together with Dr Hong Song-Iee from the Department of Social Work at the National University of Singapore, and Associate Professor Philip A Rozario from the Social Work Department of Adelphi University in New York (USA), AWWA carried out research on cultural influences and help-seeking among caregivers in a multi-ethnic society.

Through the AWWA Caregiver Service’s psycho-social training workshops and wide range of activities promoting self-care, many caregivers have bounced back feeling more connected and confident. They are better equipped to manage their emotions and stress, and can face their caregiving responsibilities with optimism and confidence. The service continues to plan and develop actively more programmes and initiatives to empower and provide respite for caregivers.

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