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AWWA strengthens communities by strengthening families and caregivers. Families are what support and connect us, whether we are related by genetics, marriage or close ties.

Whether you’re looking for counselling or therapy help, financial planning, caregiver support, youth programmes or vocational skills enhancement, we are here to help.

Families are the major provider of long-term care, and caregiving can exact a heavy emotional, physical and financial toll. Many caregivers experience conflicts between work and care responsibilities as caregiving – especially of a member of the family with special needs – can be a heavy weight on the entire family.

At AWWA, we are dedicated to ensuring that all members of the family can live life to its fullest even under the most challenging circumstances. We offer support to families, caregivers and persons in need through:

  • Information and referrals
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Workshops and training series
  • Academic and vocational support
  • Home-based Personal Care (for persons with disabilities and seniors)
  • After-school care service (for children/youth with special needs)
  • Support group platform

Our family and caregiver services are provided in conjunction, to ensure a coordinated, holistic support system for families.

We give life enhancing services in support of families.

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757 family cases explored

by our counsellors, where 66.8 percent faced financial difficulties

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