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AWWA provides two programmes as part of early intervention for preschoolers.

Development Support Programme

AWWA’s Development Support Programme offers early intervention for mainstream pre-school children (K1 and K2) with mild developmental delays to overcome their challenges earlier. The aim is unique; the programme does not focus directly on a child’s limitations, but on the child’s immediate environment, such as parents, teachers and classmates, to holistically help the child overcome their challenges.

To reach pre-schoolers with mild developmental delays, AWWA’s Development Support Programme offers early intervention to provide focused therapy and learning support within the child’s natural environment, i.e., their preschool centres.

Therapy and learning support are provided to help children generalise skills acquired during intervention to a classroom set-up. Children served under this programme have the potential for mainstream education but require support at the early stages of learning, language, motor skills or socio-emotional development.


Three Main Phases of the Programme:

Phase I:

Introduction of the programme through Principal’s Briefing and Teacher’s briefing. Parental consent exercise follows before a child can be identified for the programme.

Phase II:

Teachers identify children for DSP and Learning Support Educators (LSEd’s) conduct screening.  Screening results will be discussed with DSP team and Paediatrician through a Case Filter meeting.  A Parent-Social Worker meeting follows to share the recommendation to the parents.

Phase III:

With parents approval for the recommended intervention, Therapy  or Learning Support Package intervention commences.

Therapy Intervention (10 interventions + 5 in-class support by LSEds) – This is includes interventions by a Psychologist,  Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Learning Support Facilitator (Educational Therapist)  with LSEd in-class support. At the conclusion, an End of Intervention report (EOI) is generated by the respective therapist and LSEd and a review is held with the Paediatrician.

Learning Support Package (6 – 10 interventions) – Includes the following support packages by an LSEd; (1) Language package (three months), (2) Literacy package (three months), (3) Social Skills package (two months) and (4) Handwriting package (two months).  At the conclusion, an End of Intervention Report is generated by respective LSEds.


There will only be 1 intervention at a time based on child’s needs (maximum of 2 intervention packages over 2 years).

Programme fees are based on Means Testing and subsidised under the Ministry of Social and Family Development and National Council of Social Service.


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Integration Support Programme

AWWA partners with Temasek Cares for the Temasek Cares – Integration Support Programme for Pre-schoolers with Autism (ISPPA), to enhance the success of transition for pre-schoolers with autism into mainstream education. These pre-schoolers are enrolled in preschool centres and /or the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) centres and are capable of mainstream education.

The Temasek Cares-Integration Support Programme for Pre-schoolers with Autism (Temasek Cares-ISPPA) was initiated with the aim of successfully transitioning pre-schoolers with Autism into mainstream education. The programme is funded by Temasek Cares, administered by National Council of Social Service and managed by AWWA and Rainbow Centre.

The pre-schoolers who are enrolled in preschool centres and/or Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) centres, have shown readiness to integrate and transit into mainstream education. Onsite support for teachers, along with consultations to share supportive strategies in for children in classroom environments, are provided throughout the academic year With appropriate intervention and support, pre-schoolers with Autism are able to participate fully and meaningfully in learning and social activities.



  • Pre-schoolers diagnosed with autism attending Kindergarten 1 or 2 with the following criteria:
  • Be in mainstream preschool centres and/or EIPIC centres, Integrated Childcare Programmes (ICCP) 1
  • Have the potential to integrate into mainstream primary school
  • Families with per-capita income of less than S$2,500 per month
1 The pre-schooler must not be receiving services from the Development Support Programme teams.


Programme Outcomes

Pre-schoolers who are selected to be in TEMASEK CARES-ISPPA are able to attain skills and strategies to integrate and transit into mainstream education. Preschool centres and ICCP are able to provide individualised behavioural, communication and social skills support to pre-schoolers, helping them participate fully in preschool activities.


Programme Structure

Phase I: In the initial preparation phase, the preschool is contacted and referrals are taken. Parental consent for identification is obtained and the initial school visits, for observing the student, commence and are followed by screening sessions. Preparation Phase

Phase II: In the implementation phase (Preschool-Based Support), Individualised Intervention Plans are conducted with the respective preschools and family. Onsite support strategies are facilitated along with the provision of onsite Autism-specific training for the preschool teacher.

Phase III:  The final Handover Phase consists of transferring cases to the receiving mainstream schools and conducting case reviews.

The Programme’s main pillars are consulting, mentoring and training; screening, assessing and monitoring; and coordinating services.

Preschool centres and/or parents are involved in implementing the activities and strategies to support the child’s learning and social interaction activities, while preschool centres share knowledge and skills.


Admission Requirements
Pre-schoolers with Autism who have scored ≥ 70% on the School Readiness Screening checklist are considered eligible for the Programme. To ensure commitment from parents and the preschool centres involved, a service agreement is signed by AWWA with parents and the preschool centres respectively


Programme Fees
A nominal programme fee of S$267.50 (inclusive of 7% GST) per year is payable in advance by parents upon signing of the service agreements. Further subsidies can be considered based on the per capita income of the family.


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