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Childhood and adolescence are significant life periods. Children & youth with special needs have distinct issues around learning, mobility, communication and socialising – activities that can be demanding even for young people who don’t face similar challenges.

For a child with disorder challenges, eg. autism, ADHD, etc, even an everyday activity like eating or tying one’s shoes can be a hurdle. Watching a child struggle is never easy and, for a family member, it can be heart breaking.

By providing essential education and development services, AWWA helps children & youth with special needs by equipping them with skills development and interaction, and at the same time helping family members cope, addressing the isolation that so many of these children and their families or caregivers experience.

AWWA advocates, supports and expands opportunities for independence, learning and a richer life experience for children & youth with special needs.

Through a range of specialised education programmes and support services, we further our mission to maximise that potential for independence among children & youth with special needs, and our aim to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in our communities.

We offer early intervention programmes for our youngest constituents and on-going programmes and support, both during and after school, as children grow into adolescence and young adulthood. We operate a range of academic and non-academic programmes through our schools.

Support and education in a holistic and nurturing environment provides immeasurable benefits for each child – and their family, caregiver and community – on emotional, physical and intellectual levels.


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