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AWWA Resource & Training Centre (‘the Centre’) is the result of our simple intention to make knowledge and skills in special needs and learning disabilities accessible and affordable.

AWWA Resource and Training Centre has a wide range of resource materials on special needs and learning difficulties, including an extensive toy library available to the public for a nominal membership fee.

The Toy Library:

‘Play is the work of children’ – Jean Piaget

From a cupboard full of toys kept in a classroom at AWWA School, the Centre now has more than 1,000 toys in stock. Most of these are purchased on the advice of AWWA’s therapists. Children learn best through play, and parents and teachers use these toys to help children improve their communication, cognitive, motor and reading skills.

The Resource Centre:

We have over 4,000 resources (books, journals and AV materials). To sign up as a member, please follow the instructions of the form; terms and conditions apply.

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View our available resources and make reservations online >

The Centre organises workshops and talks for parents and education professionals. These provide participants with knowledge and practical strategies at an affordable fee.

Disability Awareness Workshops

The Centre also organises disability awareness workshops for students and teaching staff in mainstream schools.
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Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) Application Form

Operating Details

Monday to Friday (Closed on Public Holidays)

9:30am to 5:00pm

Saturday (Only First & Third of the month)

9:00am to 1:00pm

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View available workshops and talks:

13 Oct: Strategies for Parents in Behaviour Management for Children with Special Needs

20 Oct: Interpreting Drawings of Children with Special Needs from a Developmental Perspective

29 & 30 Nov: Self Regulation & Decoding the Autistic Brain (2-Day workshop)

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