Early Intervention Centre

Started in 2004 and formerly known as Early Years Programme, Early Intervention Centre (EIC) operates out of these main centres. EIC seeks to provide children with moderate to severe disabilities with intervention services through varied learning opportunities within routines set in a specialised and integrated environment.

EIC seeks to provide children with development needs and their families with timely access to a continuum of effective, child-centric and family-centred Early Intervention (EI) services. These services are provided seamlessly, in a natural learning environment, working in tandem with the medical and educational systems, to empower families and maximise the potential of each child.

EIC provides children with intervention services for a total of 5 to 12 hours per week. The children’s goals are embedded into planned classroom activities as well as daily routines in the centre and at home.

Key activities include:

  • Classroom intervention
  • Therapy intervention
  • Outdoor activities


  • Specialised assessments
  • Learning journeys
  • Community activities



The children in this programme receive targeted intervention in their natural environment, and are accompanied by their parents/caregivers, who receive training on how to carry out intervention strategies in the child’s daily routines at home to facilitate their learning. At the age of two, these children can transit to Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) @ Centre.


Children who have made sufficient progress under EI @ Centre, can transit to receiving intervention in a mainstream preschool setting with the support of DS Plus. The DS Plus team conducts intervention in the preschool by co-facilitating activities with the preschool’s personnel teacher and provides strategies to adapt activities to better cater to children with additional needs.



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EIC@Kim Keat

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