Karthik's sharing

Karthik, CEO of AWWA sharing his experiences on CNA938

Karthik, CEO of AWWA was featured on Singapore Stories with Eugene Loh from CNA 938 on 9 July 2020 (Thursday)

Highlights of Karthik’s sharing during the interview include:

  • His childhood and being inspired by his father, who taught him how to tackle social problems from their root, and not just superficially
  • AWWA’s approach to inclusion, and how it’s achieved by creating an ecosystem where everyone is able to participate equally
  • How social change can only happen through a systemic approach .This means piloting new projects, collecting data, and working with multiple stakeholders
  • AWWA’s multi-service and ambidextrous nature with a full suite of services to help clients participate meaningfully within the community; while exploring new programmes and models to plug increasingly complex social service gaps
  • Personal anecdotes and deriving joy from seeing clients succeed, which truly keeps him going. We’re sure this holds true for many of us, who choose to have a meaningful career within the sector too
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