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Your organisation and your employees can make a real and immediate difference to our communities in need through workplace giving.

Partnering with AWWA can help build stronger teams by uniting your employees around a shared commitment to children & youth with special needs, people with disabilities, disadvantaged families, caregivers and the elderly. The broad scope of our daily services for various communities ensures that there is a cause you can stand behind.

Examples of workplace giving:

  • Adopt AWWA or one of its specific services for one year by funding the services’ operational costs as well as committing to a set number of volunteer hours with our clients.
  • Dedicate a yearly budget of corporate products or endorsements for AWWA through donation-in-kind such as:
    • Toiletries (e.g., baby shampoo, baby bath, baby wipes, hand sanitizers),
    • Food & Beverages (e.g., milk powder, cereals, Milo),
    • Software & IT related products (e.g., tablets, servers, domains),
    • Vouchers from retail stores (e.g., supermarkets, department stores),
    • Petrol & Fuel for our vans and vehicles.


  • Pledge a certain percentage of donations or items for every sale made (A Memorandum of Agreement and a House to House and Street Collection Licence are required. Please refer to ‘Some Guidelines on Fundraising’ section on the Host a Fundraiser section of our website for more information). Example: A 1 for 1 Campaign: Any purchase of the item off the shelf results in a donation of 1 similar item to AWWA.
  • Adopt an AWWA Donation Box to place at your shop front or in office premises to encourage more giving.
  • Include a “Donate to AWWA” link on your online checkout page to extend online giving.
  • Set up a Matching Gift Programme to significantly increase giving.
  • Contact Community Partnership at 6511 7394 or email us at for more information. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.


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