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People Giving To People

Be a fundraiser and benefit AWWA. Throughout the year, our supporters host fundraising events of every kind across Singapore. From bake sales and car washes to galas and golf tournaments, every fundraiser’s donations count.

Organising your own fundraising event is a great way to raise money for AWWA’s life-enhancing services for children & youth with special needs, people with disabilities, disadvantaged families, caregivers and the elderly. Plus, it is a great way to get your family and friends involved in a cause that is important to you. And that’s how we envision People Giving To People.

Being a fundraiser is not only fun, but rewarding – and anyone can do it. Join your friends and neighbours who are raising thousands of dollars in support of AWWA’s life changing services.

Examples of fundraising events that you could organise:

  • Sports Events such as Running, Cycling, Golf, Swimming, or Tennis for a Cause,
  • Charity Carnival, Auction, Car Wash or Flea Market Sale of used/new items, and donate the net income to AWWA,
  • Donation Drive and donate in-kind items to AWWA,
  • Celebrate and Give: Host a private event, party or function for your Birthdays, Anniversaries or Festive Gatherings and ask your guests to make a donation to AWWA instead of bringing a gift.

Other fun ideas, such as:

  • A Photograph booth/marathon,
  • Karaoke marathon: Get people to donate a sum of money for every song you sing,
  • Reading marathon: Get sponsored for a sum for every page or every book you read,
  • Dance/movie marathon: Get sponsored for an all-day dance/movie marathon,
  • Treasure hunt/competition: Design your own treasure hunt or competition and invite your friends or the public to participate. Pay to play.

Guidelines on Fundraising

  • For public collection of funds, a House to House and Street Collections Licence and a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) are required.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) website here for instructions and application. Upon reaching an MOA, you may proceed to submit the licence application on the SPF website. Please note that SPF will take approximately seven (7) working days to process.
  • A private collection confined to friends or relatives, making an appeal via telephone or the media (such as the internet and newspapers), or sending out appeal letters by post do not require the fundraising licence.
  • AWWA will love to support your fundraising events by publicising them on our website and/or donation platforms such as GIVEasia, SG Gives, and ammando.

Let us know about your ideas! We can also provide you with necessary assistance and resources. Feel free to speak to our friendly advisors at 6511 7394 or email us at Thank you for your generosity and continued support.




 *Since AWWA is a registered trademark, independent fundraising events require prior approval for the uses of the charity’s name and logo, if required.
** A permit from Singapore Police Force may be required for public fundraising events. For more information visit the the SPF website.

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