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A strategic partnership with AWWA delivers meaningful results for your company, whether through the acquisition of new customers or an increase in sales. Our most successful collaborations have happened by understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each and every partner aligning with an AWWA cause or issue that they would like to support, or a community that we serve.

We recognise that every organisation has its own strategic objectives, markets, audiences and visions for the future; and we hope that AWWA is part of your future vision. Our partnerships start with exploring common ground and developing innovative initiatives that work for everyone: your company and AWWA; and your customers and our supporters.

Whether your company seeks to establish a relationship with a trusted children’s educational organisation; to support people with disabilities; to help us advocate for quality healthcare for traditionally underrepresented populations; to create a positive caregivers society; to encourage family wellbeing; or to enable the elderly to live more active lives, we tailor our partnerships to meet your goals and create engaging activities that are easy to implement.

AWWA has a robust and prudent partnership assessment procedure and policies that ensure that we partner with companies committed to social responsibility and the values and goals of our organisation. For any partner or partnership format, our people within the communities we serve are the number one priority each and every day at AWWA.

Contact Community Partnership now at 6511 7394 or email us at and we will be happy to explore a tailor-made partnership that best reflects your needs and commitment to bringing a greater impact to the community we serve.

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