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Companies and their employees can support the important work of AWWA. Our team and volunteers offer critical life-enhancing services that make a daily impact in people’s lives – one person at time – in the communities where we live and thrive.

Our partnership programmes offer companies the opportunity to improve the lives of children & youth with special needs, prepare people with disabilities to live more independent lives, educate and support caregiving families and enable our elderly to age more actively. While helping the communities where we live and work, your organization will also promote awareness of your corporate social responsibility, boost team spirit among staff and invest in projects that make a direct impact on your business goals. Throughout the past 45 years, AWWA has become a trusted corporate partner to many of the leading companies that strive to help and make a real difference in the lives of people.

Individuals can also donate through the workplace, and by doing so, make a real difference in the lives of people in communities right down the street from where we work each day, across the country and even around the world. Because AWWA is not a government agency, we rely on the generous support from organizations like yours to make this possible.

We hope you will consider joining AWWA and helping us to change lives in support of People Giving To People. If you would like to become a corporate partner, simply contact us at 6511 7394 or email us at Or visit the other sections of our website to find out the different ways you can help through your company. The work of AWWA would not be possible without the unwavering support of generous partners. We thank each and every one of our partners for their commitment to AWWA and for growing alongside our children and youth, families, senior citizens and the caregivers who support our communities.

We give life enhancing services in support of families.

Support now

757 family cases explored

by our counsellors, where 66.8 percent faced financial difficulties

You can help

make a gift that makes a real difference to provide life-enhancing services in support of families

Birthday Donations

On your birthday, anniversary or festive gathering, ask your guests to make a donation to AWWA instead of bringing a gift.

Celebrate and Give Back

Wedding Registry

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new a new life. Make it a new beginning for children with special needs and disabilities, families, our aging senior populations, and the caregivers who support them every day.

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