Fun in April 2018: AWWA School Students visit Seniors at AWWA Health and Senior Care!

This April, our students from AWWA School embarked on a learning journey, where they made visits to the various centres at AWWA Health and Senior Care (HSC) like the AWWA Senior Community Home, Dementia Day Care Centre and Senior Activity Centre to interact with the seniors there.

Engaged in various activities, our students and seniors had an enjoyable and meaningful time together! Beaming with smiles, the room was filled with beautiful singing as everyone sang and danced along excitedly. They also had fun doing art and craft, as well as playing group games such as Bingo. It warmed our hearts seeing our students helping to clean up after – wiping tables, sweeping the floor and drying cups.

In line with AWWA School’s values, the experience sought to encourage our students to think beyond themselves – showing care, concern and respect to others, as well as exercising teamwork. The opportunity for our students to interact with different groups of people in our community has provided a platform for them to learn and grow through meaningful and valuable lessons. We hope that our students and seniors will continue building strong bonds, and that this would help the different generations to understand each other better. In addition, it also teaches students to contribute back to society from a young age.

All in all, the visit that our students have made to HSC is a stepping stone for many more intergenerational activities in the future!

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