Supporting Sexual Development of Adolescents with Special Needs


Typically, many parents may face awkward and uncomfortable moments when they have to address questions or behaviour about sexuality when their adolescent enters puberty. Regardless, parents must learn and be able to give appropriate and accurate information about sexuality to their adolescent with special needs so that they can stay safe both at home and in the community.


 Topics covered during the workshop include :

  • Sexual feelings and appropriate ways of expressing them
  • Responding to your adolescent’s sexual feelings and behaviour
  • Legal framework and implications
  • Talking to adolescents about safe sex
  • Keeping adolescents and adults safe from harm – from preventing inappropriate videos being taken of them, to preventing molest and abuse from people they are familiar with or from strangers



  • Understand sexuality and relationship development of their adolescent with special needs (includes review of private and public behaviours, circle of intimacy and trust)
  • Learn appropriate strategies to respond to your child’s/ adolescent’s feeling of love, desire, sexual feelings and behaviour, and support their adolescent’s appropriate social behaviour at home and in the community
  • Learn about our local legal framework in relation to sexual behaviour and provisions for protection of children
  • Learn how to approach the topic of safe sex with adolescents
  • Ways to Implement ideas to keep their adolescents and young adult children safe from harm


About our Speaker: Glenn S. Quint  Associate Trainer, Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy

Glenn was a sexuality educator in New England, US for 8 years. During that time, Glenn talked with thousands of professionals, parents, teenagers, and children about human sexuality. He worked extensively with developmental disability agencies, providing both staff training and programmes for teenagers and adults.

More recently, Glenn was a sexuality education consultant in Guangzhou, China. His stay was sponsored by four organisations that work with children, teenagers and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. Glenn trained  teachers and other professionals, taught parent classes, and worked directly with children, teenagers, and adults. He is the author of “We Are Growing Up: Sexuality Education  Lesson Plans for Children with Disabilities”, China’s first human sexuality curriculum for people with developmental and physical disabilities. He also created 2 websites — one for teenagers and young adults and another for parents.

Glenn is currently completing a comprehensive human sexuality curriculum for children from 7 to 18 years old at Rainbow Centre. Glenn also provides programmes on human sexuality for Rainbow Centre professionals and parents.


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