Supporting Communication, Social and Behavioural Needs by Using a Routines-Based Approach

Takeaways from this workshop :

1. Understand how to identify key goals (communication, social and behavioural) skills for your child based on his/her ability level and age;

2. Learn how to tie in therapy goals with the goals set during this workshop; and

3. Plan and implement support systems for your child through the use of regular daily routines.

Who should attend?

Parents and caregivers/guardians who need information, strategies and support on raising children with special needs from the ages of 4 to 20. On that day, participants will be divided into two groups based on their children’s ages.

About our Speakers :

Dr Penny Tok is a Child and Educational Psychologist trained in Singapore and New Zealand. She obtained her PhD in Psychology in New Zealand and is a Chartered Psychologist (UK) registered with the British Psychological Society. Penny loves her work with children and their families and has been working with them for about 15 years. She is skilled in diagnosing and treating children with a wide range of learning, developmental and behavioural needs. In addition, Penny has lectured in various undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses at universities in Singapore, New Zealand and Europe. She currently runs her own practice – Dr Penny Tok Psychology Practice.

John Lim has been working with children with special needs since 2006 and is well versed in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). He is always keen to learn other therapeutic approaches. John holds a degree in Psychology from University of Southern Queensland. From his years of working and teaching children with special needs, John believes that flexibility is the key as every child learns differently. He also enjoys teaching sports such as cycling and swimming. He is a father of two young children.






16 Mar 2018


Registration starts at 1.30pm
02:30 PM - 05:30 PM


$80 per participant (CTG approved workshop, co-pay $10 only. Terms and conditions apply)


AWWA Resource and Training Centre
11 Lorong Napiri, Level 3, Singapore 547532


AWWA Resource and Training Centre
6511 5310/7678
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