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AWWA Connect, April 2018



AWWA and Singapore Exchange (SGX) took part in the SG Cares Carnival held on Saturday, 13 Jan @ Our Tampines Hub graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


At the AWWA and SGX booth, the public could participate in activities that demonstrate the challenges that persons with mobility and visual impairment face. With Eye-Gaze, persons who are nonverbal and/or with limited motor skills can communicate and also participate in educational and leisure games using eye movement. The assistive devices are available at AWWA school. There was also an experiential activity where the public put on glasses that simulated visual challenges like central visual field loss, peripheral visual field loss, combined visual loss and overall blur vision, brought about by glaucoma, dementia or other conditions.


Seniors from AWWA Senior Activity Centre also joined us at the booth to showcase their skills in making woven bags with recyled material.


The SG Cares Carnival brought together volunteers, clients and partners to show how everyone can play a part and renew the commitment in creating a more caring and inclusive home for all. Prime Minister Lee also announced the launch of the SG Cares app that will matchmake aspiring do-gooders and social causes. This app aims to promote volunteerism and to encourage Singaporeans who are keen to contribute to step forward.


We would like to thank SGX for their support at the event!



Both staff and clients from AWWA Health and Senior Care gathered on 9 Feb to celebrate the Lunar New Year with Lo-Hei, dinner and some activities.


The dinner programme kicked off with a roaring lion dance performance that got everyone in the Chinese New Year (CNY) mood. Some of the highlights included a magic show put up by Mr Anthony Soh, a senior from the Integrated Resource Network (IRENE) programme. There was also a best dressed competition!


And not forgetting, our seniors’ all-time favourite activity, singing karaoke! The sporting duo, Kevin Lee, CEO of AWWA and Keith Lee, Director of AWWA Health and Senior Care, took the stage with two songs.


At the end of the night, AWWA senior management and board of directors, distributed red packets and oranges to our seniors.



AWWA welcomed President Halimah Yacob on 21 Feb 2018 at the first intergenerational Chinese New Year lunch!


She was greeted by a Lion Dance performance by AWWA School before doing the Lo Hei and lunch with 68 clients from AWWA Senior Community Home, AWWA Early Intervention Centre (EIC) and AWWA School. Ms Janice Ang, Chairperson of AWWA, presented President Halimah with a token of appreciation, an artwork entitled “Cherry Blossom in a Vase” done by a student from AWWA School.


President Halimah also visited AWWA School and AWWA EIC before the lunch.



AWWA School turned 39 on 9 Mar 2018!


Themed “My Sensorial World”, students of AWWA School engaged in some multi-sensory activities at the different sensory booths. Each Multi-sensory activity was creatively tailored to stimulate their five senses. For example, the “Herb Garden, Spice Kitchen” for the heightening the sense of smell and “Candy Dandy” for stimulating the sense of taste.


AWWA School also entered the Singapore Book of Records for the largest playhouse created from recycled plastic bottles! This was done through the collective efforts of about 295 students, 150 teachers and staff. The students learnt about the process and importance of recycling and got the opportunity to channel their creativity through this activity.


Congratulations AWWA School and Happy 39th Anniversary!

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We notify our subscribers on the various happenings at AWWA every quarterly. Below you can find the past issues of our e-newsletters.

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