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Ms Joyce Lum

Deputy Director, Allied Health Professional Group & Corporate Services

AWWA to me is…“for those who have a special calling to serve”. 

Joyce joined AWWA in May 2015 and she oversees AWWA’s Allied Health Professional Group.   She is also the Deputy Director of Corporate Services. 

Joyce had previously held senior management positions with multinational corporations in various industries ranging from Pharmaceutical Healthcare, Electronics & Lighting, and Household & Personal Care to Food & Beverage. She was awarded the “Can Do” award twice in a row and won the Asia’s and Singapore’s “Quality Process Competition in recognition of her achievements at a global electronics multinational corporation where she headed the marketing department. Under her leadership, the organisation was awarded “Best Country Performance” and “Outstanding Corporate Partners” twice. 

Joyce joined the social service sector in 2015 with AWWA, and she finds the experience most rewarding and enriching. At AWWA, she helmed various departments including the Allied Health Professional Group & Outsource Therapy Services, which she is still currently managing. She was also involved in  Kindle Garden; Development Support and Learning Support; Adult Disability Home, Project Bridge; Personal Care Services; Administration and Registry for the Disabilities & Inclusion Service.  

Joyce holds Master of Business Administration (Finance), Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and Bachelor in Statistics & Political Science.