AWWA School Event: Inclusiveness in Sports!

AWWA School Event: Inclusiveness in Sports!

About 280 students participated in the AWWA School Sports Day 2017 held on 27 Apr! Themed “Sports Leagues”, six sports were modified to suit the needs of the students namely, Baseball, Basketball, Boccia, Soccer, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Studies have shown that physical activities are beneficial for all and while competitive sports are typically confined to mainstream schools of typically developing children, children with special needs or physical challenges can also compete against their peers in modified sports.

AWWA School adopts the motto of the Special Olympics, “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt” and provides students with the opportunity to compete in sports. Students from the four teams brought their all!

Several parent and child duos took part in a relay activity and volunteers could also join in the fun in the Community Partnership game – a modified game of Billiards.

The four teams also vied for the spot of best cheerleading team – the hall was roaring with cheers. Teams also had mascots which were creatively designed by teachers from AWWA School, some using recycled material.

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