AWWA Integrated Home and Day Care

AWWA Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) was launched on 10 October 2016. Initiated by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), this programme views holistically, care, for both seniors and their caregivers. It is a one-stop service that comprises home-based and centre-based care. The main objective is to allow seniors the option to age gracefully in place in their own home and with their family. It gives families and caregivers an alternative option to a nursing home. Mr Keith Lee, Director of AWWA Health and Senior Care shares the thoughts behind this programme…

Why did AWWA choose to start AWWA IHDC?

Keith: In line with our mission to enable seniors to age in place, this is a client-centric model that allows the seniors an opportunity to be with their loved ones. We have the expertise here at AWWA so why not create a value-added model by tapping on our existing resources. We have services like Caregiver Service (Seniors), Senior Care Centre and Home care services, so why not put these together to birth a one-stop service for the seniors and their families.

Who is eligible for this programme?

Keith: Seniors who are eligible for nursing homes or with three or more multiple ongoing social, clinical and medical needs would be eligible for this programme. Some examples of these needs are personal grooming, if they need someone to assist them with keeping personal hygiene, wound dressing or providing meals when their caregiver is unavailable.

What is the assessment criteria like?

Keith: AWWA IHDC uses an eligibility assessment which is as comprehensive as the InterRAI Contact Assessment used in the United States. This assessment helps to deliberate a decision by recording -basic long-term clinical information of a person for example, maintenance, support and rehabilitation.

The eligibility assessment also helps to determine the urgency for needs for specialised services like rehabilitation and home care.

Why is it important to allow seniors that option to age in place in their own home with their family?

Keith: Allowing seniors to age in place, at home and with their loved ones keeps the family bond alive. It gives them comfort to know that they are loved. The familiarity they find in their surroundings is also a source of comfort. Being at home with their loved ones would also keep them happier as compared to staying in a nursing home. Just like you and I, a happy state of mind impacts our outlook on life.

Aging at home would also mean that they would be able to continue doing the things they like to do or usually do and this in turn allows them to maintain more of their independence.

At AWWA, we always encourage caregivers to keep their seniors close.

What advice would you give to families with seniors who are considering this option?

Keith: There are always other easy alternatives but I would like to say be brave and choose to enable your senior to age in place, at home with you. The other alternatives may seem like a more convenient choice in the short run but it may lead to breaking the connection and bond with your loved one. I would also like to convey to caregivers that you are not alone in this. AWWA IHDC allows you to still keep your loved one close but at the same time tend to their needs.

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