AWWA Family Service Centre Annual Gathering 2016

Held on 10 September 2016 at Geylang West Community Centre, AWWA Family Service Centre (FSC) Annual Gathering 2016 was dedicated to celebrating the milestones of AWWA FSC’s clients and their families. Whether big or small, a baby step or a big leap, any progress is a step forward and an inspiration to other families to overcome current or future challenges. AWWA FSC Annual Gathering was attended by 91 families and a total number of 353 clients.

Consisting of the community drummers who are AWWA FSC clients, AWWA Beats, kicked off the event with an inspiring piece that coupled the rhythms of the various drums and percussion creating an expressive beat, with a crescendo symbolising hope for a better tomorrow. Handmade instruments were placed on each table for the audience to join in and make it a communal affair.

One of the main highlights of the day was the launch of PRUcares. In collaboration with AWWA, Mr Philip Seah, then-Prudential Singapore Chief Executive Officer, launched Prudential Singapore’s new community programme called PRUcares at AWWA FSC Annual Gathering 2016. PRUcares is made accessible to approximately 300 eligible families under the AWWA FSC in a one-year pilot programme. Beneficiaries of the programme will get immediate financial support in the event that they are unable to work and lose income due to illnesses, accidents or death.

Another highlight of the event was the award ceremony, held to specially recognise those who have inspired others and exemplified resilience, love and hope in their actions no matter the circumstance. The five categories and recipients are as follows:

  • [Video] Inspiring Child Award – Muhammad Shah Zamani Bin Esham
  • [Video] Inspiring Youth Award – Nurliyana Binte Shukor
  • [Video] Inspiring Adult Award – Ramasamy Manonmoney
  • [Video] Inspiring Family Award – Ismail Bin Mansor and his family
  • [Video] Inspiring Volunteer Award – Chen Mei Rong Susan

The event concluded with a very special performance of a song specifically written for AWWA by Tommy Dean entitled “Game Changer”.

For more information on AWWA FSC, click here.


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