About #AWWAChangeMakers


At AWWA, we believe we can “be the change we want to see in this world”. We hope to empower the disadvantaged to maximise their potential to lead dignified and independent lives. But we can’t do this alone.


Serving over 6,000 clients across life stages, we need to raise up to $3 million annually to fund the 20 programmes we run. With AWWA ChangeMakers movement, we are grateful to have the support of a few friends including Adrian Pang, Onn Shu An and the Night Owl Cinematics team, who’ll be sharing with you the AWWA causes they feel passionate about. Join them in bringing joy to our clients this festive season, through a donation on their fund-raising pages at: https://awwa.give.asia/.


You could even start your own fund-raising campaign on awwa.give.asia and rally your family and friends to support an AWWA cause that resonates with you.


Together, we can start a meaningful movement of people giving to people.

Who Are On Board

Adrian and Tracie Pang

Artistic Directors, Pangdemonium

Audrey Goh

Dancer / Social Media Personality

Cheryl Chou

Artiste / Model, Basic Models

Darius Tan

Singer and Actor, FLY Entertainment

Josh Yen

Model, Basic Models

Mandi Cheung

Artiste, Basic Models

Mathew Chong

Model, Basic Models

Mavis Siow

Model, Basic Models

Olinda Cho


Oon Shu An

Stage and TV Actress

Royce Lee

Emcee / Voice Personality

Sonya Branson

Model, Basic Models

Tay Kexin

Singer / Founder, Sparkle Live Music

Team Night Owl Cinematics

Production Company

Theresa Goh

Swimmer / Paralympic Medalist

Valnice Yek

Artiste / Model, Basic Models

The Lives You’ll Touch


The funds raised through the AWWA ChangeMakers movement will support the 20 services we provide.


They include:

  • Early intervention for pre-schoolers with developmental challenges
  • Education and disability support for children with special needs
  • Assistance to low income families
  • Support for caregivers
  • Health and social assistance for destitute seniors

What You Can Do


Being an AWWA ChangeMaker is easy. Join us through one of the 2 ways:


Donate to AWWA through a fundraising page you wish to support on https://awwa.give.asia


Or set up your very own fundraising page on https://awwa.give.asia and rally your family and friends to support!


Spread the word about AWWA ChangeMakers movement, and what we could all do to support our community in big and small ways.


Read about the stories of our clients here or watch the video to get an introduction to some of the Everyday Miracles we hope to create:



Wish to know more about AWWA ChangeMakers movement?


Email us: changemakers@awwa.org.sg

Support and help over 10,000 AWWA clients today!