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The responsibility of ensuring that AWWA carries out its mission through its services rests with its Board of Management, led by the President. The Board is made up entirely of volunteers who receive no remuneration and are appointed to serve a minimum term of two years. The Board is in charge of policy making as well as identifying strategic directions for the organisation.

Ms Janice Ang, Chairperson

Mrs. Rosana Quek, Deputy Chairperson

Ms Clara Yue, Board Director

Ms Chung Wei Han, Board Director

Mrs Thum Lay Chwan, Board Director

Ms Claire Lim, Board Director

Mr Chan Wai Leong, Board Director

Ms Beatrice Chen, Board Director

Ms Ayadurai Jeyamalar, Board Director

Ms Ng Chin Yu, Board Director

Mr Natarajan Subramaniam, Board Director

Ms Woo Sin Yue, Board Director

We build inclusive communities through educating and equipping the general public about special needs.


Resources: Annual & Financial Reports

AWWA Annual Report FY2015-2016...

AWWA Annual Report for fiscal years 2015 – 2016 provides information about our organisation, leadership, programmes and serv...

AWWA Corporate Governance Report 2015 – 2016...

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AWWA Annual Report FY2014-2015 Supplement...

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AWWA Annual Report FY2014-2015...

AWWA Annual Report for fiscal years 2014 – 2015 provides information about our organization, leadership, programs and the su...

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