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At AWWA, our people are our most valuable asset. We recognise the passion, dedication and commitment that each individual brings to making a difference to the lives of the people we serve.

At AWWA, the diversity of our services provides many opportunities to match your professional and personal aspirations.

We believe that every individual has talent and ability that can be developed to fullest potential. Ultimately, our mission of empowering the disadvantaged and optimising their potential to lead dignified and independent lives will be accomplished by the people who work with us.

AWWA is committed to develop its team and to help the employees thrive in their careers. Identifying talent suitable for management or specialist leadership roles is a priority. Our two-pronged executive development programme comprises a Corporate and Clinical Track. Employees with potential may progress to leadership track.
Career Progression

Our culture is based on our core values as follows:

Care & Concern


 Competitive Remunerations & Benefits

We offer a competitive salary that is benchmarked across the Social Service Sector. We pay our people fairly in line with their qualifications, skills and work experience. As part of the remuneration package, you will be rewarded with Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) and performance-based bonuses and increments. As a member of the AWWA Family, you will enjoy flexible benefits that support your journey with AWWA.

Supportive Work Environment

The well-being of our people is important to us and fundamental to AWWA values and culture. We are committed to providing our team members with the necessary support to balance work and personal needs.

Great Workplace Health

We are committed to implementing an integrated workplace health programme that encourages and enables our people to achieve an optimum level of physical, mental and social well-being.

In recognition of our efforts in promoting workplace health programmes, the Singapore H.E.A.L.T.H. Award honoured AWWA with the Bronze Award in 2010, the Silver Award in 2012, and the Gold Award in 2014.

Developing our People

At AWWA, we make learning opportunities available at all stages of our team’s careers to help them excel in their existing jobs and to prepare them for future responsibilities. As a team member, you are entitled to training and development opportunities through different methodologies.

Career Opportunities

Check out our opportunities and current job openings below if you are interested in joining our big family, and contribute to the social service sector.

Professional Executive / Support

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