Student Internship

AWWA welcomes interns who have interest in learning and contributing to the social services sector. We provide a diverse range of internship opportunities that provide a platform for students to be given a first-hand experience working in an organisation. Our primary focus is to ensure interns feel welcomed and integrate into the AWWA Family.


In addition, our supervisors are dedicated to ensure you are given ample training and feedback to encourage growth and development. In addition, expect challenging projects that will stretch your critical thinking skills and leadership potential. The daily operations of AWWA as Social Service provider would also help to expose and broaden your perspective.

Internship Opportunities available:


  • Social Work
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Teacher / Assistant
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT/ Facility
  • Community Partnership
  • Psychology
  • Therapist

Be Our Scholar


We offer scholarship opportunities to help young and mid-career switch talent to continue pursuing their dreams academically.


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