10th AWWA Inclusion Experts Series - Inclusion in Action (cropped)

10th AWWA Inclusion Experts Series – 19 March 2022

The AWWA Inclusion Experts Series (AIES) is back with a bang on 19 March 2022, Saturday, 9.30am – 1pm! Registration for the free webinar is now open.

As we mark our 10th AIES session, we are excited to celebrate how far we have come in building more inclusive classrooms. Themed “Inclusion in Action: Reflect and Reimagine”, the session will feature a panel of international and local speakers. Joining us at the webinar is Minister of State for Social and Family Development, and Education, Ms Sun Xueling.

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Keynote Speaker:
Pioneer speaker at the first-ever AWWA Inclusion Experts Series session, Ms Kim Barthel, is back to join us at the 10th AIES session, “Inclusion in Action: Reflect and Reimagine”.

An award-winning occupational therapist, multi-disciplinary teacher and best-selling author who is active in supporting people in many contexts globally, Kim’s overall mission is to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit. A long-time ally to many organisations across Singapore, Kim has over 37 years of practice in helping people to be their best selves. Look out for Kim’s keynote segment, where she will be touching on the topic of “Inclusion in Action” at the session.

Outline of Kim’s session:
– Looking through both a therapeutic and an educational lens, Kim’s presentation will highlight our history with inclusion, and illuminate current evidence-informed best practices in inclusive pedagogy, philosophy, and day-to-day classroom engagement.
– A global perspective will be offered to encourage therapists and educators to consider common challenges that are faced across the world, and to be inspired to create a more pragmatic and compassionate society for all of us.
– Highlighting examples of inclusion in action within various context including Singapore and beyond, will encourage participants to want to further explore what might be possible.
– The intention is to expand our own creative perspectives so that we might individually and collectively continue to make this broader journey across the sector with purpose.

Local Speakers:
Catch local speakers, Lee Ting and Karthik, as they touch on the topic of “Engaging Diverse Participation in Schools”.

Ms Lim Lee Ting, Vice Principal, Little Mighty Me Preschool:
Ms Lim has an Advanced Diploma in Special Needs Education and Inclusive Education. Currently part of the Little Mighty Me Prechool Learning Support team, she is one of the school’s pioneer batch of educators, and has been with the Centre for nine years. Little Mighty Me aims to promote inclusion through a supportive environment and a child-centred curriculum. She is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of her students, and ensuring that each one of them receives the support needed to fulfil their potential.

Mr J R Karthikeyan (Karthik), Chief Executive Officer, AWWA:
An occupational therapist by training, Karthik has, over the years, remained passionate about empowering clients and supporting their participation and inclusion within their natural communities. He believes that each one of us holds a shared responsibility in fostering an inclusive society.

We can’t wait to have join us as we celebrate the milestones we have crossed in our efforts to build a more inclusive society. Mark your calendars and see you at the webinar!

For any queries, reach out to us via include@awwa.org.sg.

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